·        Windows to Linux Migration Services

·        Server Consolidation through Virtualization & Thin Clients

·        Data Storage Solutions

·        Trainings

·        Administration of Windows & Linux Server and Clients

·        Enterprise Security Solutions

·        Installing, Securing, Customizing & Optimizing  Windows & Linux

·        Backup & Disaster Recovery

·        Networking Solutions

·        Voice Over IP Solutions

·        Software Development / Programming

·        Web Design, E-Commerce, Web Hosting & Email Services

·        Residential Computer and Electronics Services Solutions

·        Electronics Design & Reverse Engineering

·        Schematic Capture and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design

·        Process Control & Industrial Automation


Window to Linux Migration

Window to Linux Migration

We offer a complete and concrete solution for migrating from Windows to Linux. Our services include:

  • Migration process planning
  • Automated migration scripts
  • Anti-virus / Anti-spam solutions
  • Specific migration and deployment details for all relevant technologies.

The proliferation of security issues, stability issues and the high cost of user-licenses in Windows make the necessity of Windows to Linux Migration. AnaDigi Systems assure smooth transition from Windows to Linux. Today’s companies consider lowering overall operating costs a top priority, and they consider Windows to Linux Migration as the first step.

Since Linux becoming more Windows-like in terms of ease-of-use, migration will hardly feel to the end user.

Our Windows to Linux migration package includes the end user training those who rely on basic applications like Internet Explorer, MS office suite, Outlook, MSN Messenger and other software packages in Windows environment.

Talk to us today, We will do the consultation in migrating from Windows to Linux.


Server Consolidation through Virtualization & Thin Clients

Virtualization allows one system to do the work of several, through the sharing of its resources across several different environments. The servers and virtual desktops  can host different operating systems and applications, locally or on remote sites, thus freeing you from physical and geographical constraints.


Through creating a virtualized infrastructure, you will not only reduce your energy costs but also ownership costs, thanks to a better use of hardware resources, and you will also benefit from high availability of your resources, better administration of your clients, more security and finally Disaster Recovery procedures after a threat.

We focus on virtualization and consolidation, foremost on VMWare as well as XEN and Windows Virtual Server. Virtualization and consolidation are closely coupled, providing several advantages. We would gladly help you understand the benefits and business possibilities that this technology provides.


Our services offered on virtualization are; feasibility studies, implementation, maximizing existing virtualization environments, server consolidation. We also provide evaluation of existing project setups and providers.


Data Storage Solutions

We offer a range of NAS, DAS, SAN, iSCSI SAN and Custom Data Storage Servers designed around the varying needs of our customers.


Training - Linux & Open Source Technologies

We conduct/arrange interactive full fledge specialized training courses. We concentrate largely on training Managers responsible for IT strategy, Software developers and programmers, System administrators, Beginners, Graduates/Under Graduates and other IT professionals.

Following are our training programs:

  • Complete Linux Administration Course
  • C / C++ for Engineers
  • Complete PHP/ MySQL Course
  • Complete Java Course
  • Hardware Interfacing with PCs
  • Microcontrollers and Microprocessors Course
  • Accounting with Quickbooks and Peachtree
  • MS Office to Open Office Course
  • Setting up Asterisk Software PABX


Windows & Linux Server Administration

One of the key services of AnaDigi Systems is Outsourced Server Administration. Our main goal is to offer complete Windows and Linux  server remote management and administration. This covers full system hardening and continuous security audits, vulnerability scanning and patching.


Enterprise Security Solutions

We offer full server security solutions like operating system hardening, improving access control mechanisms using SELinux, host based firewalls, memory protection, TCP Wrappers and so on…

We will scan your server for any service and daemon vulnerabilities, open ports, rotationally dangerous PHP/CGI scripts, WWW config, FTP config, SSH config, rootkits, and do other security checking and testing. Our advanced system administrators will even login into your system remotely and do local security tests. After all tests are performed, we will send you report and suggestions what should be done to improve your server security.

Full network security Solution can be provided using open source IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) & Network Based Firewalls, Viruswalls, VPN Gateways, SPAM Gateways continues vulnerability scanning and penetration testing


Installing, Securing, Customizing & Optimizing Windows & Linux Servers

We offer customized Windows and Linux installations according to the customers need and remove unnecessary software packages, otherwise could lead to security holes in the system if there are vulnerabilities in the unwanted software packages. This hardening process is done according to the standard proven documented procedure.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

We offer full range of backup & DR plans for SME to Large Enterprises. We evaluate & review the BCP (Business Continuity Plan) of the client company. We provide protection against computer, application freezes, Document corruption, Application corruption, Operating System Corruption, Network and Storage corruptions.

Setting up high available networks and servers and setting up replication mechanisms are the key services include in this package.

Talk to us for more information about our Backup & Disaster Recovery packages.


Networking Solutions

AnaDigi Systems is focused on providing state-of-the-art computer networking installation, as well as troubleshooting, consulting and security solutions to SME to Large Enterprises. IP Communications (VoIP) improve productivity and minimize costs with converged voice, video, and data. Security integrated solutions protect your information, customers, and operations. Wireless technologies help to stay connected with secure mobile access, in the office and on the road. We give Networking Solutions from Simple Networking to Sophisticated Networking including:

  • Local Area Networking (LAN)
  • Wide Area Networking using IPVPN, Frame Relay, Point to Point Leased Circuits
  • Voice Over IP, Voice Over Frame Relay and IP Telephony Implementations
  • Wireless Hotspots Implementation
  • Virtual Private Networking with Encryption
  • Router Configuration and Maintenance
  • Implementing Security Solutions
  • Network Management
  • ADSL Configuration (Modem / Router)
  • WAN Backup Technology Implementation


VOIP (Voice Over IP) / PBX Solutions

  • Today's proprietary PBX systems are expensive to deploy and maintain. Open source VOIP/PBX solutions offer a reliable and cost-effective way for the enterprise communications. Traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone systems have a set number of ports for telephones to plug in to. VoIP systems provide greater flexibility as you can run a number of ‘virtual users’ through each network socket. Because a VoIP-enabled system is based on software rather than hardware, it is easier to manage and maintain. By adapting open source PBX solutions, an immediate saving on interoffice/remote branch toll charges. VoIP treats voice as if it were any other kind of data, so users can attach documents to voice messages or participate
    in virtual meetings using shared data and videoconferencing.
  • We provide a full-featured PBX phone system that runs on a custom server sitting in your office. This custom server is simple to set up and it can be done through any Web browser in a matter of minutes. No phone training is required.


Software Development / Programming

We specialize in embedded software development under Windows and Linux OS. The key benefits our service has to offer include custom-made solutions for your specific needs with the most competitive pricing available today.


Web Design, E-Commerce, Web Hosting & E-Mail Solutions

Get your web site designed and developed to highest web standards by our expert developers at a very reasonable price. We do web design for local as well as foreign customers.

Our designs are attractive and make the website search engine friendly so that your website will be ranked high in major search engine results.

We give our customers complete solutions. We arrange hosting of the site developed by us, maintain it, provide email addresses and register your domain name. We even submit the site to all major search engines for free.


Residential Computer and Electronic Services

  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Meetings using shared data and videoconferencing.
  • Fixing hard drive failures/Boot failures/Data recovery
  • Wireless Networking
  • Router Setup
  • Data Migration
  • DSL Setup & Configuration
  • Broadband Setup & Configuration
  • Hardware Replacements
  • Digital Camera Setup
  • Operating System Installation
  • PC Tune-Up & Optimization
  • Software Installation
  • Training & Tutoring
  • Personal Computer/Laptop Repair


Electronics Design & Reverse Engineering


Our goal is to help customers reduce time to market and increase product quality. The process includes conceptualization, requirements specification, architecture design, system level design, hardware, prototyping, and software development, module integration and testing, documentation, product release and maintenance.

We have Designed, developed, and Produced dozens of Computer, and Electronic products/systems. Specializing in Hardware, Embedded and PC Applications, Video Applications, Telecommunications, Real-Time Control/Measurement/Automation, Signal Conditioning. We specialize in Reverse Engineering of existing products and producing functional replicas.

Reverse engineering is required more and more as older products require support.  Many times, for older products, the original schematics and product support documentation has been lost over time, and it is necessary to re-create the documentation - this is what we can do for you.


Schematic Capture and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design


We design your electronic schematics and printed circuit boards to be manufacturable, so your entire electronics project design costs less and.

Our services include:

  • Schematic Capture
  • Component Footprint Capture
  • PCB Design
  • PCB Layout
  • Prototype Assembling and Testing


Process Control & Industrial Automation


We specialize in computer control of industrial processes. We bring reliability and innovation to the process with precision control and monitoring solutions based on our industry leading technologies and systems-level expertise.