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Seagate Barracuda SAS 3.5" 3GB/s 1TB 7200RPM 20350
HDSE146G35SAS150 Seagate Cheetah SAS 3.5" 3GB/s 146GB 15000RPM 17600
HDSE300G35SAS150 Seagate Cheetah SAS 3.5" 3GB/s 300GB 15000RPM 26950
HDSE500G25SAS72 Seagate Constellation™ SAS SaWio 2.5" 500GB 7200RPM 22000
HDSE73G35SAS150 Seagate SAS 3.5" 3GB/s 73GB 15000RPM 16500
HDSE146G25SAS100 Seagate SAS SaWio 2.5" 146GB 10000RPM 16500
HDSE300G25SAS100 Seagate SAS SaWio 2.5" 300GB 10000RPM 27500
HDSE1000GS32M72 Seagate Sata II NCQ 3GB/s 1000GB 32MB 7200RPM 7480
HDSE1500GS32M72 Seagate Sata II NCQ 3GB/s 1500GB 32MB 7200RPM 9240
HDSE250GS8M72 Seagate Sata II NCQ 3GB/s 250GB 8MB 7200RPM 4070
HDSE500GS16M72 Seagate Sata II NCQ 3GB/s 500GB 16MB 7200RPM 4570
HDSE750GS32M72 Seagate Sata II NCQ 3GB/s 750GB 32MB 7200RPM 5500
HDSE80GS2M72 Seagate Sata II NCQ 3GB/s 80GB 2MB 7200RPM 3520
HDSE146GSCS80P150 Seagate SCSI Cheetah Ultra320 Hot Pluggable 146GB 80pin 15000RPM 23100
HDSE300GSCS80P150 Seagate SCSI Cheetah Ultra320 Hot Pluggable 300GB 80pin 15000RPM 41250
HDSE146GSCS68P150 Seagate SCSI Cheetah Ultra320 Non Hot Pluggable 146GB 68pin 15000RPM 23100
HDWD250GI8M72 Western Digital EIDE AAJB 250GB 8MB Cache 7200RPM 6220
HDWD320GI8M72 Western Digital EIDE AAJB 320GB 8MB Cache 7200RPM 6600
HDWD500GI16M72 Western Digital EIDE AAKB 500GB 16MB Cache 7200RPM 8250
HDLWD160GI8M54 Western Digital EIDE BEVE 160GB 8MB Cache 5400RPM Notebook Hard Disk 6600
HDWD500GS32M72BK Western Digital SATA 5001AALS 500GB 32MB Cache 7200RPM Black 5830
HDWD640GS54M72G Western Digital SATA AADS 640GB 64MB Cache 7200RPM Green 5170
HDLWD160GS8M54 Western Digital SATA BEVT 160GB 8MB Cache 5400RPM Notebook Hard Disk 4130
HDLWD320GS8M54 Western Digital SATA BEVT 320GB 8MB Cache 5400RPM Notebook Hard Disk 5010
HDLWD500GS8M54 Western Digital SATA BEVT 500GB 8MB Cache 5400RPM Notebook Hard Disk 6600
HDLWD750GS8M54 Western Digital SATA BPVT 500GB 8MB Cache 5400RPM Scorpio Blue Notebook Hard Disk 11000
HDWD1500GS64M72G Western Digital SATA EARS 1500GB 64MB Cache 7200RPM Green 8800
HDWD2000GS64M72G Western Digital SATA EARS 2000GB 64MB Cache 7200RPM Green 12870
HDWD500GS32M72G Western Digital SATA II AADS 500GB 32MB Cache 7200RPM Green 4400
HDWD250GS16M72BL Western Digital SATA II AAKS 250 GB 16MB Cache 7200 RPM Blue 4020
HDWD320GS8M72BL Western Digital SATA II JS/AAJS 320GB 8MB Cache 7200RPM Blue 4130
HDWD250GS8M72BL Western Digital SATAII AAJS 250 GB 8MB Cache 7200 RPM Blue 3910
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